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Only 3 “FEATURED listing” listings allowed per category or subcategory page on https://top10list.vip PREMIUM BUSINESS DIRECTORY. For adding the same FEATURED listing into multiple niche subcategories, please increase “Quantity” on the checkout page. The FEATURED listing have 30 days guarantee, before the 4th FEATURED listing on the same directory page will kick out the oldest FEATURED listing.

A kicked-out FEATURED listing is moved to the CATEGORY ARCHIVE PAGE, found on the archive directory pages. There is kept forever. It will maintain the SEO value until links are not broken. When a broken link is detected the entire listing is removed. Tags are removed from the kicked-out listing. You can relist a kicked-out FEATURED listing anytime.

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with 1 tag/keyword with backlink, with 2 tags/keywords with backlinks, with 3 tags/keywords with backlinks, with 5 tags/keywords with backlinks

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