PRO TIP #3 for maximizing your listings

Your site’s SEO still matters

Keeping your keyword-based directory pages up to date and also engaging with testimonials and reviews might get you lost in daily tasks. The website itself stays may be the most vital chauffeur for SEO, and the ideal directory strategy needs only to supplement the methods as well as projects that drive organic traffic.

 Several of these tactics consist of:

  • Smart keywords: Determine which keyword phrases drive the most traffic, and also identify the power of long-tail keywords. Avoid keyword stuffing. It’s better to present a clutter-free listing to your visitors than to be ignored.

  • Purposeful title tags, meta summaries for URLs: Everything a search engine potentially crawls should be enhanced to increase Search Engine Optimization value. Simply put, don’t just arbitrarily type in a title tag or paste in a meta URL– put some thought right into the task to impact future search phrases.

  • Think locally: Improve local SEO by highlighting the unique regional nature of business in directory listings or any content produced. For example, rather than a page header highlighting “Quality lead generation services” use “Quality lead generation services in YOUR_City_Name”. Make sure that “YOUR_City_Name” localization is present throughout your entire listing.
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